1/10th scale racetrack description and rules

Race Format:

Time Trials:

The race will include 3 laps timed with both the first lap time and the total time recorded.  Two winners will be recorded – the fastest single lap and fastest 3 lap time.

Each car that attends will be recorded as

  • DNR – Did Not Race
  • DNF – Did Not Finish
  • Time – This is the time of the race.

Wheel to Wheel Tournament:

This is a seeded race based upon the single lap times of the Time Trials.  Two cars are lined up side by side, better seed gets to chose car placement.  The race is a single lap, if neither cars finish they may attempt up to 3 races before both get a DNF.  The linup is a double  elimination bracket and a first, second and third place will be recorded.  No times will be recorded.

1/10 Track Rules

  • While it is called a 1/10 track, in fact, any size car smaller than 1/8 can be used, however cars that are much smaller than 1/10 will be at a significant disadvantage in time trials and can get damaged
  • To complete the track the car must go around all cones at the corners and not run into them.  Failure to go around the cones will trigger a DNF
  • Out of bounds is defined as cars that go way outside of the track to the point where they will never get back on track.

Car Rules

  • Cars must start with a single binary interaction. This could be a button can be on the car, on a controller, a key on a keyboard or equivalent. No other intervention can happen until after the race is over otherwise the car gets a DNF. An emergency stop button is recommended but not required. Deadman’s switch is also acceptable where button is pushed and held for the duration of the race.
  • There are no rules governing where the computing needs to take place.  Cars may have onboard computing, trackside computing or leverage remote or cloud resources.  
  • GPS and other similar positioning systems are not allowed except for specified outdoor races. 
  • The desire is that this is an open source league and that all designs are put on github and are readily copyable after the conclusion of every race.  If you are prevented from open-sourcing designs or prefer not to, there is no obligation to do so.

Track Specs

Course measurements are all roughly accurate, but your bot should be able to handle variation, dirt, variable lighting, etc.  

  • 1.8 meter (6 foot) wide course with borders in 25mm – 53mm (1-2 inch) wide white tape.
  • yellow tape at the centerline 35mm – 55mm (1.5-2 inch) wide.  Tape will be dashed with 20mm of tape and a 20mm gap
  • Each corner will have at least one orange plastic 11″ tall cone on the inside of the corner.
  • The course must have at least one left turn, right turn, hairpin turn(1.5m outside radius) and gradual turn ( >3m outside radius)
  • Up to 3 cars at a time (for now)
  • Course may not be smooth so the car should be able to handle step shaped bumps of up to 25mm (1 inch)
  • People will stand 3 meters away from the track we will have caution tape keeping people back
  • There is no barrier around the track. Cars using LIDaR will need to use the cones as markers.