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  1. Hi Chris,

    Juan from Singapore here. I’d just like to share with you Linorobot http://linorobot.org , an open source robotic project that runs ROS (Robot Operating System). I’ve thought this might interest you and the community especially those who want to use ROS as their robot framework. I started building it almost a year ago hoping to provide students, beginners, and developers a home-brew and low cost ROS compatible robot platform.

    The first prototype was a 2 wheel drive robot that can navigate autonomously packed in a small form factor that comes with a Neato Vacuum Lidar, Linux mini computer and a micro-controller. It was built using easily accessible hardware so anyone can build it from home. There are three new supported platforms (4WD, Ackermann Steering, and Mecanum Drive) fully documented on my site.

    Here are some videos of the robots in action:

    Featured at Hackaday:



    Shopping with the robot

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

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