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  1. Good morning Chris Anderson & Team!

    I am looking for help to install self driving control on a 1997 BMW 528i that has has been titled, “The Phonex” and has been converted to a record- breaking Electric Vehicle that has hit 748 miles per charge, which is further than the other top OEM makers combined! This Conversion was done by Eric Lundgren and Jehu Garcia, who have both been in the media and are YouTube celebrities for their accomplishments. Jehu has made the “e-Samba” electric VW van, the DIY Powerwall and many other noteworthy projects.

    On Oct 16-17th, we have the Fremont Track and intend to test the Phoenix BMW to run 1,200 miles per charge, or 600 laps on the 2 mile track. Guinness Book of World Records will be present to record the event. It occurred to me at 30 miles an hour for this duration becomes 40 hours of 2-day tedium! Naturally, in 2017, this should be automated!! This is where we would like to bring in your network of enthusiasts to get the Phoenix BMW “rigged up” for this event. We’ve been in touch with Comma.AI,, and are trying to connect with Kyle Vogt of Cruise Automation (also San Francisco) **but we like the story of the knowledgeable DIY Techs coming together to get a Drive AI sustenance up and running in 10 days!

    Please ‘put the word out’ and I hope we can make this happen! Everyone is welcome to watch at the track as well.

    Phil Huerter

    We are also local to San Francisco and would love to get really integrated with your community. The workshop is located at:

    8966 Mason Ave
    Charts worth, CA

    Eric Lundgren 562.537.7753
    Jehu Garcia

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