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  1. DAVG (Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Group) would love to be a part of this list and the global community! We recently started working toward organizing a competition event in the Metro Detroit area, and in our research came across DIYRobocars competition in Berkeley, California. We think Metro Detroit is a critical location for development of new technologies and want to do whatever we can to help make the world a better/safer place. With that said, we strongly believe being part of the DIYRobocars global community is a critical step to all of ours success.

    We would love any feedback/suggestions!


  2. Australia joins the movement!

    We ran a DIYRobocars event this week in Melbourne, working on a MiniTrooper based self racer. The next one is in September:

    If you’re in Melbourne and you’re interested in building your own, leave a comment on the meetup and we’ll invite you to the local Slack group.

    Starting a build guide too:

    We’re planning our first race day in October, with a track and at least two working racers!

  3. hi ZLite / Chris, can you please add …

    * Melbourne Autonomous Vehicle meet-up (https://www.meetup.com/Autonomous-Vehicles) held at the Connected Community HackerSpace (http://hackmelbourne.org) in Melbourne, Australia.

    We hold regular build workshops … and hosted our first track last weekend in conjunction with the ARS and Make/Create.

    Thanks for inspiring an extraordinary activity that helps encourage newcomers into the important intersection between Machine Learning and Robotics.

    cheers Andy Gelme

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